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Service Parts : Thrust bearing
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Thrust bearing

A thrust bearing is a particular type of rotary bearing. Like other rotary bearings they permit rotation between parts, but they are designed to support a high axial load while doing this.

Thrust bearing plays an important role in turbocharger performance. It endures the axial force which is caused by the unbalance between turbine wheel gas force and compressor wheel air force. Thrust bearing is usually fixed at compressor end. It not only has a direct impact on the working life and reliability of turbocharger but also influences the mechanical efficiency of turbocharger.  

We have the largest thrust bearing factory in China

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  • 3LKS/4LE/4LGZ/K36
    Thrust Bearing 3LKS/182561/4LE F/GZ K36
  • 4MD / 4HD
    Thrust Bearing 4MD 4HD
  • CT9/CT12/CT20/CT26
    Thrust Bearing CT9/CT12/CT12B/CT20/CT26
  • CT12/TB34/GT42/TA51
    Thrust Bearing CT12-18/TB34/GT42/TA51
  • GJ90/GJ80/K27/J80/YJ65
    Thrust Bearing GJ90/GJ80/K27/J80/YJ65
  • GT17/GT25/GT35
    Thrust Bearing GT12(JP40)/GT17/GT25/GT35/GT37
  • GT15/TA45/GT42
    Thrust Bearing GT12/15/17/20,TP38/GTP38/TA45,GT42/45
  • H1CH1E/HX3540
    Thrust Bearing H1CH1E/HX3540
  • HT3B/HC5A
    Thrust Bearing HT3B/HC5A
  • HX35ZD/HX50/J815
    Thrust Bearing HX35ZD/HX50/J815
  • J44B/J44/J56A/J56
    Thrust Bearing J44B/J44/J56A/J56
    Thrust Bearing ITMA ITMA-B(GT25) ITMA-C
  • JP60/J60-A/JP60C/J78/TD07S
    Thrust Bearing JP60/J60-A/JP60C(J040P1000)/J78/TD07S
  • K27-011F4/J92-011F2/JTH130/12GJ
    Thrust Bearing K27.011F4/J92.011F2/JTH130/12GJ(20GJ)
  • K29(GJ100)/K31/K369(J120)
    Thrust Bearing K29(GJ100)/K31/K369(J120)
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