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Service Parts : Catalogue repair kit
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Catalogue repair kit

GT Series H Series TD Series RH Series CT Series K Series S Series OTHERS
GT15-25 4LE/4LF TD025 RHB5/RHE4 CT9 K03 3LM KTR110
GT15-25V 4LGK TF025 RHB7 CT12 K04 S100 KTR130
GT32 4LGZ TF035 RHC6 CT12B K14 S1AG/S1B ST50
GT35 H1B TD04 RHC7 CT20 K16 S200/S200G
GT37/40 H1C/D/E TD05 RHE6 CT26 K24 S2A  
GT42 H2A TD06 RHF5  1KD K27 S2B/S2C/S2E  
GT45 H2B/C/D/E TD07S RHG6  2KD K28 S3/S3A  
TO4B/TO4E/TBP4 HT3B TD07  … K29 S300  
T2/T25/TB25 HT10/HT12 TD08     K31 S3B  
T2/T28/TB28 HT60 TV61     K36 S400  
T3/T4/TB34 HX30/30W TE06     KP35 S410  
T46 HX35/40  TD03     KP39 S4D  
TA31 HX50/HX50W …       
TA34 HX55            
TA45/TA51 HX80/HC5A            


1. There are three types of repair kit——minor kit, major kit and full kit. Please advise which one to purchase before placing an order.

2. The detailed information will be subject to our final confirmation.

3. T2/T25/T28 and CT20/26 with carbon seal are available.

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